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Microfinancing is by far the single best way to maximize the social and economic impact of your money.

Did you know...

80% Of Ugandans Are Fighting For Their Lives In the Wake of Coronavirus

Unlike the USA, which has been able to step in with unemployment benefits and a small business stimulus package, the Ugandan government doesn't have the resources to do so.

And now that the police-enforced stay at home order is about to lift, Ugandans are eager to get back to work...

But most small businesses that have been shut down for the last month don't have enough inventory to open back up.

Where the government can't help, we can.

A $100 microloan is all it takes to help a small business re-open, which will allow them to provide food, education, and a higher quality of living to a family of 6 every six months, perpetually...

We'll cover the admin costs, if you're willing to donate the $100. To donate, visit our GoFundMe Page here:

Meet Hazida,

Hazida is a single mom with five kids living in Kampala, Uganda. She lost her husband several years ago, which left her desperate to find work so that she could feed her family and send her kids to school.

Despite her best efforts, she was only making $2/day which wasn't enough to feed her family three meals a day, and her kids were missing their only shot at an education and a better life. She felt hopeless, depressed, and the hunger and desperation only made her situation worse.

Six months ago, a Muvule credit officer visited her in her village and identified her as someone who needed help. We asked her, "What would you do if we gave you a loan?", and she told us...

"I have a sewing machine. All I need is some money to buy cloth and I'll be able to make clothes to sell to people in my village". The next day we gave her a six-month loan for $200.

Today, Hazida's store is flourishing. She makes $21 per day, she's able to feed her family, send her kids to school, save up for a rainy day, and help the other people who are struggling in her community.

Most of all, she's happy and feels like a contributing member of society. The loan we gave her didn't just buy her cloth, it gave her hope that she will be able to escape the cycle of extreme poverty--and she did.

We give people like Hazida the opportunity to escape poverty with microloans.

+1,000 people

lifted out of poverty every year.

99.5% repayment rate & $0 bad debt.* 

2x Median income growth six months after loan.

*Our borrowers form trust groups, which is an agreement that if someone can't repay a loan (most often due to unexpected shock or illness) then their group members will help cover their debt.

Without microcredit it's almost impossible to escape poverty...

For people who only make $2/day, it's nearly impossible to buy income-generating assets, such as supplies or inventory. Without a way to make money, people stay in a hopeless cycle of extreme poverty.

Banks won't lend to them and informal money lenders will only give them predatory. Muvule microloans are their best hope to end the cycle of poverty.

And you, as a socially-conscious investor, want to do good while making a smart investment decision, and you need a way to invest.

Our loans change the lives of the people who need it most...

90% Female Entrepreneurs

Who are single moms, or widows in a society dominated by male-workers.

85% Earning Less Than $2 Per Day

Who are overlooked by other microfinance institutions, but need the most help.

Committed to reaching the ultra rural.

We're investing in ways to reach people who are geographically isolated.

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