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Muvule Financing

Eliminating Poverty In Africa One Microloan At A Time

Join The Mission To Help Lift 100 Million People Out Of Poverty

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you make a donation to Muvule, we distribute that money to people in poverty who make on average $3/day in order to build a business. Once that business is up and running, the loan gets passed onto another person who needs start-up capital, making this donation a gift that never stops giving.

Our Approach To Tackling Poverty

We make access to life-changing capital more efficient and affordable for the people who need it the most.
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Microloans break the cycle of poverty by helping people invest in income-generating assets that they would otherwise never be able to afford. Small loans as little as $25 can completely change someone's life forever.​


Changing lives and creating jobs with loans as small as $25.

Real Estate

Building storefronts for street vendors while lowering interest rates.


Helping cash economies convert to the digital financial system.


Avg Client Income Growth in 12 Mo



Of Loans Are Paid On-Time

Loans Fulfilled Per Year

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Real Estate

Helping street vendors transition into formal marketplaces allows them to grow their income more than they could with microloans alone. It also opens up new cheaper lines of credit for the business, which allows us to lower the interest rate on our loans.


By developing our own in-house financial technology, we're able to help ease cash economies into the transition to digital payments, which allows us to serve more clients using our "high touch, high tech" approach to customer service.


Reduction of Operating Costs


Driven Creditworthiness Insights


Portfolio Transparency

About Us

Meet Our Clients

Life-changing stories and testimonials about the impact of microloans on their lives.