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A Widowed Mother Finds A Way To Feed And Educate Her Children

Nakato Jalia in her kitchen supplies shop with Frank our loan officer.

Nakato Jalia a widowed mother of six children who lost her husband three years back, loves her business of retail with plastics, charcoal stoves ,saucepans, buckets extra and has been in this business for two years.

With the money she makes, she tries to support her six children and take them to school though sometimes it becomes hard for her to complete the school termly school fees because her business needs more capital to buy more products to meet the customer demands and increase her profits to be able to cope up with the needs at hand.

The six month loan of 800,000 shillings ($218 USD) at 21% fixed interest rate will allow her to double her income and expand her shop by buying new products and be able to meet her customer demands.

Right now she is suffering from stock-outs which are costing her money because she doesn’t have enough inventories and this also costs other people in her village in Katooke because they have to travel farther to get the products they need.

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