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Fred, A Welder, Doubles His Income To Support His Family of Eight

Fred expands his welding workshop to support his family of eight.

Fred Kabanda is married with six children and has been married for nineteen years; he loves his business of welding which he has been doing for 3 years

With his business , he has been able to educate his children and take care of his family and it has helped the community in the way that they can get windows, doors, metallic beds and other welded materials easily without going to far cities like Kampala and Mukono which saves them transport costs and time

The six month loan of 500,000 shillings ($134.41 USD) at 22.5% fixed interest rate will allow him to double his income and expand his welding workshop by buying more materials and getting workers to help him and be able to meet his customer’s demands.

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