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Mother of Five Doubles Income By Eliminating Stock Outs

Namutamba Haawa is married with five children and has been doing this business of selling bananas in the market for 3 years now, she has managed to support her family and educated her siblings in the village.

The six month loan of 400,000 shillings ($ 107.6 USD) at 22% fixed interest rate will allow her to double her income and expand her market vending business by buying new stock and be able to meet her customer demands.

Right now she is suffering from stock-outs which are costing her money because she doesn’t have enough stock and this brings about the loss of her daily customers who she supplies with bananas (matooke) like restaurant people and others who home it for home consumptions.

Haawa‘s business has benefited the community in a way that people don’t have to go to bigger markets in town to get food, that saves them the money and time.

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