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Nicholas, Pork Rancher, Buys Live Stock And Hires Workers To Feed Village

Macho Nicholas has been divorced for 4 years and has five children he takes care of. He has piggery farm that has been there over 1 year and has managed to support his family by paying school fees ,clothing and feeding his family.

As you can see from a picture above, Nicholas has less stock, and this puts him in a condition of bankruptcy that he can’t supply meat to the hotels and to the butcheries.

The six month loan of 500,000 shillings ($134.41 USD) at 22.5% fixed interest rate will help him to expand his piggery farm business by buying more pigs, treating them and feeding them. His expansion and increment will give adequate supply of pork to the butcheries around the village; the piggery farm will bring about employment because he will need workers to work with since the farm will be a bit large.

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