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Our Successful Clients' Stories Showing Income Increase With A loan In A Few Months

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

A Market Vendor Increases Her Income By $4USD Profit Per Day

Harriet Nankya is a market vendor in Kilombe- Nsambya village; she is a single mother of three children and has been in this business for two years. She has been able to educate and take of her children though with a lot of struggle.

Harriet decided to take on a six months loan of shillings 400000 ($ 108 US D) so as to buy more fruits, vegetables and get a bigger place for expansion. Before this loan, she would make only $4 US D per day, but after four months of her loan, she can now make $9 US D per day, this has improved her life of living and she can now take care of her family and educate her children with ease.

Harriet’s increase and expansion of the business has benefited her community in a way that she can now supply and satisfy the customers’ demands because she is always stocked, for these vegetable and fruits are consumed on a daily basis in homes and restaurants, so no need of moving to far places for food.

A Nurse Who Owns A Local Drug Shop Increases Her Income From $5US D to $7 US D per day.

Rosette Nabukenya is a nurse married with two children and has owned this drug shop for one year. She has been able to take care of her family with the money she makes.

Rosette decided to take on a six months loan of shillings 5000000($135USD) which she used to buy more drugs and other medical requirements to help her in giving medication to all her patients, she is so much passionate about her job to serve her people . Rosette was suffering from stock outs, so she could not render proper services to her patients who then had to move long distances for treatment.

After five months of the loan, her income increased from $5 US D to $7 US D per day which helped her and the people in the community in general because people in her village no longer go distances looking for medical attention thus saving money and life.

Hadijjah Educates And Betters Her Standards Of Living As Her Income Increases From $4USD to $10USD And to $21USD per Day In Six Months

Hadijjah Namusisi,is a market vendor and also supplies food, fruits and vegetables to other market vendors in her village ,she has been in this business for three years ,and has been taking care of her three children with the money she makes . Being a widow and having many responsibilities, her children’s school has been on and off, due to lack of enough school fees.

She decided to take on a six months loan of shillings 500,000 ($135USD) which she paid back in advance in just four months, she was added another loan of shillings 1,000,000 ( $270USD) which increased her income from $4USD to $10USD and currently to 21USD per day in six months which was a bigger achievement for her because she can now educate her children.

Her expansion and increase has made her standards of living better, and has helped the community members not to go too far markets for goods on a daily basis because they can now get food and vegetables at anytime of the day for home consumption, restaurants and business.

Annette increases her income from $4 US Dollars to $7 US Dollars

Annette Naggayi is a single mother of five children who has been vending clothes for one year; she takes care of her children with the money she makes and educates them but with difficulty.

She decided to take on a six months loan of shillings 500000 ($135USD) so that she could get stationed in one place, expand and increase her business.

She increased her income from $4 US D to $7 US D per day and put more plastic basins, in addition to the clothes for more income flow.

Annette can now educate and take care of her children, this is of a great benefit for people in her village to get clothes and goods from her at any time of the day since the customers now know where to find her than when she was mobile, thus saving time and money.

Edward Increases His Income From $3/day to $5/day In Three Months after Receiving a Loan.

Edward Kimeze is a single aged man, who owns a small local shop in his village.

He has two children, and with the money he makes, Edward takes care of his family, although the children’s school has been cut off due to lack of school fees.

He would make $3 US D profit per day which is not enough to educate and feed his children and he decided to take up a $108 US D loan, got more stock for his shop because his shop was almost empty as you can see in the picture.

Edward increased his income from $3US D pay day to $5 US D per day, in just two months of receiving the loan.

His children are now back to school, take care of his family in general, and Edward can now provide goods to the people in his village all the time as he is currently stocked, this saves people in his community to move far places to get goods used on a daily basis.

From $14USD to $19US Income Increase per Day in Four Months

Agnes Nakayenga is married with four children, and owns a hardware in her village, with the money Agnes makes, she takes care of her family and pays tuition for her siblings.

Agnes was suffering from stock outs, had no cement, iron sheets nails and tiles, when she decided to take up a loan of 700,000 shillings ($ 189USD) for six months, which she used to buy more building materials and is fully stocked as of now. This helped her to grow because she increased from making $ 14USD to $19USD profit per day.

Our client can now satisfy people’s demands in her community for they don’t need to go far places in search of bigger hardwares, for the construction materials, she solved that problem with a loan and she can now pay tuition and take care of her family without any more financial difficulties.

Isa Increases His Income from $8USD to $14USD Per Day In Three Months

Isa is a mechanic who deals in electronics like televisions, laptops, phones, blenders and sells used (second hand) electronics, and is married with three children.

Isa lacked good devices to help him in repairing these electronics and was out of stock of the used electronics that he repairs and resell to his customers. So we gave him a six months loan of 500000 shillings ($135USD), which helped him to buy new and modern gadgets to help him do his mechanics and buy more electronics that would be resold again.

The loan attained helped Isa to render services to his clients more effectively than before, when he didn’t have devices to help him satisfy his customers.

The people in this community are saved from long distances looking for mechanics and second hand electronics because he can now satisfy their demands with the help of the loan because it helped him to increase his income and grow.

Tailor Elevates from $3USD TO $5USD Per Day And Changes Her Life

Agnes is a tailor who is also a single mother of three children, she does tailoring from her home by just repairing peoples clothes because she has no clothes or fabrics to make new clothes, so she decides to take on a six months loan of 400000shillings ($108) to rent a place and buy fabric for proper display and being able to make clothes for the people in her village.

Initially, she would make $3 US D per day and after the loan, she can now make $5USD profit per day, as her business is growing.

Agnes, can now provide her customers with clothes they need all the time and because they can be well displayed, which attracts customers who would maybe be going far towns to get clothes, so this saves the people long distances that consume money and time.

Jamiya Increases from $4USD to $7USD Profits per Day

Jamiya is a small local boutique owner in Buikwe village, and is married with four children,

she used to make $4USD profits per day before the loan because she sleeps in the same house where the boutique is set and as you can see in the picture, she is congested and out of stock .

She decides to take on a loan of 600000shillings ($162USD) and after the loan, she can now make $7USD per day.

As she stocks again and expands her business for good display, she can supply her clients with variety of clothes and save the money that they would have used to go far boutiques for good and a wide variety of clothes thus saving time too.

Namirembe Hazida Increases from $1USD TO $4USD Profit per Day

Namirembe Hazida is a single mother with two children; she has a small stall with fruits and vegetables and has been doing this for one year on her veranda at home.

She used to make $1USD as her profits per day ,because as you can see ,she didn’t have enough capital and has been suffering from stock outs ,the trolley is almost empty and so she decides to take on a six months loan of ( $ 108USD ) 400000shillings which increased her profits to $4USD per day .

She used the money to buy more fruits and vegetables and got a stall in the market and now she is a market vendor in her village.

And now the people in her locality can get these vegetables and fruits that are used on a daily basis, than moving far places looking thus saving money and time as she also grows business wise and bettering her standards of living as an individual.

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