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Widow Supporting Children & Parents No Longer Suffers From Stock Outs

Nakiswa Mariam has been a widow over 2 years now, she has small retail shop as you can see from the picture attached. Mariam loves her business so much that she has managed to educate her children and support her aging father and mother.

The community has benefited from her business in a way that ,services are brought near to them, the people in the community don’t need to move long distances to purchase products used on a daily basis, which saves them money and time.

The six month loan of 500,000 shillings ($134.41 USD) at 22.5% fixed interest rate will allow her to double her income and expand her retail shop business by buying new stock and be able to meet her customer demands. Right now she is suffering from stock-outs which is costing her money because she doesn’t have enough stock and thus brings about the loss of her daily customers because she lacks what they demand thus going to other places .

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